View and manage who can do what in your SaaS tools — all through one screen.

Deck memorizes and enforces access settings and continuously monitors your access controls across your SaaS tools.


Simple Onboarding & Offboarding

Save time and effort clicking through software settings

Add or remove employees' access to project apps, documents, repositories, or channels in one click.

Talent On-Demand

Enforce project-based access

Invite consultants, interns, and other outsourced individuals to collaborate quickly and securely.

Centralized Access Control

Enforce access policies by user group everywhere

Maintain a single-source of truth for your access configurations. Easily query who can discover, read, and write what.

Use Cases

Creating and updating teams in one app requires me to also change team settings in my mailing list, chat rooms, and other apps. Plus, my team does not always inform me of changes to settings. With Deck, I am certain that our rules for work will be consistent for all of my teams. 

John Smith

Head of Engineering,

I always need to email material to consultants because I cannot let them see my workspace. Deck allows me to onboard consultants and provide just the necessary access for them to do their jobs.

Jane Doe


When vendors ask me how I maintain compliance, I tell them about Deck. Deck is my one stop shop for access management and auditing.

Kevin Hughes

Founder & CEO,

Frequently Asked Questions

How does one-click work?

There is a one-time setup cost to specify user roles and their access level. After which, when a project manager initiates a new project, Deck provisions a link which team members simply click to gain access to documents, boards, channels, and repositories.

Why should I give Deck the keys to my company?

We prioritize your data security and wellbeing, so we have decided to go with a software licensing model. We give you rights to Deck software. That way, you still have the keys to your company.

What integrations do you offer?

Github, Atlassian Cloud, Google Workspace, Slack, and more.

What is the pricing for Deck?

We are currently running a pilot program. Please reach out to if interested!

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