Deck Granular Access Manager

Welcome to 1-Click Project Onboarding

Deck automates granting the proper access to company teams on their project documents, repositories, and channels across cloud software like Github, Slack, GSuite, and Atlassian Cloud.

Simple Onboarding & Offboarding

Save time and effort clicking through software settings

Add or remove employees' access to project apps, documents, repositories, or channels in one click.

Customize your team project environment

Role-based access control supported

Talent On-demand

Just like walking over to a co-worker's desk

Avoid data leakage. Visualize access to applications & documents.

View and allocate employees access

Add or revoke other users, contractor, or consultant access to project

Built By Engineers From

Stanford University

Automate Your Access Management Today

Spend Less Time On Admin Tasks, More Time With Your Team

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Deck and Okta and OneLogin?

SSO service providers like Okta and OneLogin are typically used for company-wide access to apps. Deck is the next step after SSO as we grant fine-grained access to elements within each software.

How does one-click work?

There is a one-time setup cost to specify user roles and their access level. After which, when a project manager initiates a new project, Deck provisions a link which team members simply click to gain access to documents, boards, channels, and repositories.

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